Front Loaders

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Electric Frontloaders

Due to their innovative and solid construction, our frontloaders have found their way into many pottery workshops.

KE - B Serisİ

KE - B Serisİ

KE - N Serisi

KE - N Serisİ

KE - S Serisi

KE - S Serisİ

Gas Fired Frontloaders

Our gas frontloaders are solid and have a good heat distribution due to down-draft construction. The burner technique is easy to handle and permits oxidation and reduction firings up to 1320°C. The Raku kiln is suitable for temperatures up to 1150°C

KG Serisİ

KG Serisİ

KR Serisi

KR Serisİ

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In addition to industrial furnaces, turnkey plants with other necessary equipment and machines are also included in our production range

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